Columbo - Hottest New Artist From Jamaica

Friday, June 19, 2009

Born Andrew Phillip Watson On December 4 1980, Columbo has been one with music as far as he can remember, music has always influenced every part of his essence. As a child growing with his grandmother,(who he is very fond of ) he often imaged himself playing musical instruments, but, Andrew was from a family that did not believe in doing music for a living or career,and his father was totally against it, so therefore he did not received any music lessons. Nevertheless his passion for music grew with his age, and as he became older the want and need to do music became stronger but still his father would not allow him to follow his dreams. His father had a different plan for him, he wanted him to study hard and become a lawyer, which was HIS FATHER's DREAM.

During Columbo's high school years, he attempted to form a music group with and a few friends,which did not last long due to lack of co-operation and organization. No matter, the fire within him kept on burning, burning until Columbo became very rebellious and started to run away from home to hang with the thugs in the streets. At age 16 he was in love with being a Rude Bwoy, he became more exposed to the way of Jamaican gangsta life and life on the streets, For almost three years Columbo was in the streets, But he could not escape his passion for doing music. In 1999 Tragedy struck, Columbo Found out his Father had Cancer,and only had two months to live.Columbo was heart broken, even though his farther never wanted him to be what he wanted to be , he loved his father very much and wanted to prove that he could make it in music and make him proud,..... the two months went by, but he died on the third month.

Columbo was lost for a year but found himself after he when to friend's house who had a home studio, the friend was composing an instrumental on a computer, it fascinated Columbo and he wanted to try, so he just asked if he could try, he sat down in front of the computer with a Yamaha keyboard beside him and started, within minutes he had a crazy beat which was banging,and his friend could not believe his ears, Amazing, thats how his musical career started. over a period of time, Columbo nurtured his talent, becoming more precise and familiar with sounds, then artist in and around Jamaica just started to show up hearing that there is a home studio in the area. As his talent blossomed so did his Skills. Columbo Has now produced some of j.A.'s top Artist such as Perfect, Chezidek,Vybz Kartel,Sasha(who got number1 with Sean Paul) And alot more.

Columbo is an Artist himSelf, He sings,rap & dj anything he feels,he keeps it real with himself and the people around him, he inspires everyone who comes around,with his deep philosophy and morals. Currently Columbo is working at Jamaica's 1 Radio Station IRIE FM,in the Production department and produces for his label WAVESTORM ENTERTAINMENT at his Studio Cold Fusion Studios in OCHO RIOS ST.Ann. Family is dear to him, And Friends are Close,But he is a loner by nature, On the Musical Journey. Download tune here


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