Bunny Wailer Endorse Wild Life!

Friday, June 12, 2009

"I pass on the baton to the young to itinually defend the real authentic reggae music seen" is what Jah B (aka Bunny Wailer) had to say when he heard the recordings of his pupil George 'Wild Life' Scott....And so we say welcome to the musical universe of Wild Life! The air of Jamaica has always been vibrant with talent. But still, it doesn’t happen every day that a debut album of an upcoming artist shakes up the musical scene with a lion roar like ‘Too Tuff’ of Wild Life does. With a voice like thunder, direct from Kingston, JA, Wild Life presents his very first album to the world.Just sit back, relax and listen to these 13 intense reggae tracks.

Listen to a song called ‘The Voice’, which is an almost African style version of recalling the hardship of ghetto life in Kingston: ‘The voice of the ghetto youth echoes through the streets…and no food to eat.’ Too tough to handle? The voice of Wild Life can be smooth like a mountain breeze, to find it suddenly turn into a strong wind of change. Wild Life’s debut shows him as a true versatile and inspiring artist. Bridging traditions rooted in the motherland Africa, with modern dancehall culture. From roots reggae in Behold (with legendary reggae-veteran Fred Locks) to authentic ska in ‘Thiefin’ Johnny’, to groovy riddims like the title track ‘Too Tuff’ and ‘Ganja Yard’, that will surely rock every dancehall crew. ‘We're nah easy at all, tuff like Jericho wall’! Purchase album @ Itunes


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