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Sunday, May 17, 2009


“Out of ONE comes many,” a slogan that best signifies the embodiment of style, creativity, depth and evolution of a true talent, none other than, Screechy Dan. He is a veteran artist that has mastered the craft of versatility in entertainment and rated as one of the most talented artists out of Brooklyn, New York. Born Robert Stephens, he has been performing for crowds since his childhood years in Kingston, Jamaica. Upon his migration to Brooklyn, NY, he began performing in local clubs and concerts, creating a big buzz in the underground scene. The ability for Screechy to transform his vocal capabilities from chanting to singing made his style very admirable and a force to be reckoned with. The buzz on Screechy Dan attracted several record producers to his talent, which encouraged him to professionally pursue a career in the music business, eventually leading him to a solo recording debut in 1986.

In 1992, Screechy joined forces with the Ruff Entry Crew that included the hottest set of artists coming out of Brooklyn, such as Red Fox, Bajja Jedd, Mr. Easy, Naturally, Nyke Fungus, Rayvon and the Grammy award winner, Shaggy. With their collective talent under Signet Record Label, the Ruff Entry Crew put New York City dancehall artists on the map. During this era, Screechy showcased his talent by releasing his hit singles, Goonie Goo-Goo and Lonesome Blues, which put his stamp on dancehall reggae as the first artist to yodel over a reggae track. In 1993 Screechy Dan and Red Fox then collaborated on Pose Off (in ya pum-pum shorts), a song that instantly topped the reggae charts and embarked them on tours, performing around the world. He shared the same stage or album with celebrated artists like Cheryl Crow, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, TLC, Gang Starr (Guru), The Jungle Brothers, Busta Rhymes and many others.

Pose Off went on to becoming a staple song in reggae music history and due to that success, Screechy Dan was signed to a major record deal with Polygram Records in 1994. The same year Screechy wrote and recorded a song, produced by Bobby Konders featured on the soundtrack of the hit 1994 movie, “Sugar Hill”, starring Wesley Snipes. In 1995 Screechy once again revolutionized his sound by introducing a rapping style with a reggae-type flow on the hip-hop single, Boomin in Ya Jeep, produced by the legendary Todd Terry and Kenny Dope. The video for Boomin in Ya Jeep plastered Screechy’s face on TV screens with consistent air plays on BET, Video Music Box and other video shows around the world. By request, Screechy then guest hosted alongside Red Fox on BET’s Caribbean music video program.

By the debut of his album, The Mission, in 1996, Screechy once again worked with Bobby Konders and several major producers, such as Steely & Clevie, and Sting International, amongst others. Screechy’s career was elevated to another level with 2 nominations for ‘Male DJ of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Artist of the Year’ for the 1997 Tamika Reggae Awards. But the accolades and achievements doesn’t stop there, Screechy has also received several write-ups in popular publications, such as Vibe Magazine, NY Daily News, NY Times, Jamaican Star, The Beat, and Caribbean Life, to name a few.

In 2002, while working on his album with Artical One Productions, Screechy pre-released, “Swell,” a single that was followed by the music video. The swell video has been aired on local channels and various music video programs throughout the U.S and Caribbean Islands. In 2003, Screechy Dan was also featured on the #1 soca compilation, Couldn’t Believe, track titled, One Love produced by Artical One Productions. The CD included popular soca artists such as Bunji Garlin, Benjai & Gailann, and Ziggy Ranking, also including Mad Stunt man (I like to move, move it) to name a few.

Screechy was part of history in the making, when he was recognized by Sirius Satellite Radio’s segment host, Pat Mackay, for being amongst the first artists from the Couldn’t Believe compilation to have a live in-studio performance at New York’s Sirius Satellite radio station, which was broadcasted live world wide.

As different genres of music dominate the world, today’s popular hip-hop artists like Foxy Brown has paid homage to Screechy Dan, by referencing his name in her song, Tables Will Turn, by using similes from his #1 selling hit, Pose Off in their lyrics. In 2005 he was featured on the Caribbean remix collaboration with R&B star Mario to his popular R&B hit song “Let me love you”. The remix received extensive radio plays in the Caribbean and the U.S., including full rotation on the # 1 dance music radio station in New York 103.5fm the beat of New York. In early 2008 Screechy was featured in Billboard Underground for his recording collaboration with the legendary R&B Soul masters, The Manhattans, adding a modern reggae edge to the stapled song, Shining Star renamed Shorty, for the Manhattans previously released album. Screechy was recognized for being the 1st person ever to do collaboration with the R&B singing legends. Billboard’s interview with Screechy Dan and the Manhattans can be viewed on YouTube, posted by Billboard.

Later in 2008, Screechy Dan reunited with Shaggy and Red Fox, featuring reggae sensation Morgan Heritage, on the track, Brooklyn Anthem, which received tremendous buzz in NY and the Caribbean community. He was also featured on several projects released under Shaggy’s label, Big Yard, incorporating songs such as Panty Town, and collaborating with Rik Rok on the track, Love Machine. Screechy is fueled by natural energy and love for all types of music – from being featured on the Disney Channel’s Grammy awarded Father Goose children’s album, to being one of most highly respected hardcore dancehall artists. The unmatched style, versatility, and volcanic performance he possesses, will keep him in the hearts of fans as NYC’s #1 Dancehall Entertainer. He will always leave audiences wanting more, and continue to win the love of many… Out of many comes ONE - Screechy Dan.


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