Sunday, May 10, 2009

Born in Long Island, NY to Jamaican parents up and coming singing sensation Angela Latti is no stranger to life on the rock. When she was only six years old, she migrated with her grandparents to Jamaica for their retirement only to return home to New York to live with her mother at age 14. “My mom was a single parent and she would constantly inform me of how smart, capable and beautiful I was. I believed her so I did well in school and had my fair share of suitors!”

Determined to go all the way Angela was off to college shortly after becoming a New York native and at the age of 26 she had a BS in Chemistry and a MS in computer science but it wasn’t until after the degrees that this diamond in the ruff decided to shine as an entrepreneur and recording artist. Angela was adamant her purpose in life was to make others feel happy, confident and empowered, so she muscled up the courage to make the first step and what a first step it was.

It all started when she sought the training of a vocal coach to guide her soulful voice but this was a mere stepping stone, the true test came in her recording not one but eleven wonderfully expressive songs which would later be used as her introduction into the world of music.

In Angela’s self-titled album released in May an array of social commentary can be heard over vintage style one drop rhythms, from her opener “Princess & Queens” to the thought provoking “Middle Class Poverty” Latti spare no words in addressing systematic issues. This theme continues in the song, “Persevere” where Latti reminds, “what you put in is what you get out”. Along with the reality check comes some saucy lovers rock cuts like her up-tempo hit “Prescription”.

Far from self conscious Angela’s down to earth persona makes her an inviting individual. “Simply put I define myself by how I make others feel. I live my life to empower women through music and inform everyone that they can do anything they put their mind to”. Currently residing in the state of California Angela has set her sights on the international market with the intention of getting some well-needed exposure. Operating under her label Yemalla Records Latti was recently in Jamaica on a promotional campaign and is expected to return in early June.

A promising vocalist and exceptional songwriter Angela Latti will no doubt impact the masses with some positive vibration.


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