Alborosie: Reggae chose me! (Observer)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reggae singer Alborosie, is even now preparing for an extensive tour of Europe which kicks off on June 1. Scheduled to complete 45 shows, the artiste will play venues in Norway, Sweden Finland, Germany, Spain, Belgium and France, among other countries. "It's a lot of rehearsals. getting things tight and preparing mentally for the long haul," he told the Observer.

But Alberto D'Ascola, aka Alborosie, has had a lot of practice and it was only in November that he did a three-week tour of France, which - by his account was - "amazing . very successful". He even went one step further by adding, "Mi mash up di place," with a huge grin. He noted that among his popular songs in that European country are Kingston Town, Call Up Jah, Precious and Herbalist, "which is an anthem in France".

The Italian-born, Rastafarian singer, who has now officially made Jamaica his home, is being managed and produced by Clifton 'Specialist' Dillon, the acknowledged genius behind the success of Grammy-winning dancehall star Shabba Ranks. "Specialist and I have a good working relationship and mutual respect. I have learned a lot from him and we have completed an album, the follow-up to Soul Pirate. Already there are a couple of deals on the table and the release date is any time now. Hopefully before we go out of town," the man who calls himself the Shengen Don disclosed.

The album, simply entitled Me, ("It's myself, the way I want to sound," Alborosie explained) will be released on the Shengen Clan label. And his backing aggregation is known as the Shengen Band. Totally committed to reggae music, Albarosie while admitting that a career in music is a good way to make money, noted that it is "very spiritual". Reggae music chose me, I didn't choose reggae. In life things happen . you just have to pick up the phone and answer the call," he said.

Born in Sicily in 1977, Alborosie formed a reggae band in Italy called Reggae National Tickets in 1993. He produced his biggest hit Herbalist in 2006 and notably released several other singles as Kingston Town, Rastafari Anthem, Slam Bam, Life featuring Jah Cure and Call Up Jah all on his own label Forward records. Last year, he scored with the hit combination single with Etana Blessings, which made its way on many charts worldwide.

Among his newest songs are the Specialist-produced Mama She Don't Like You, featuring upcoming sensation I-Eye, who will be the opening act on the European tour. Source


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