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Friday, April 17, 2009

Jamaica's upcoming singing/dancehall sensation Tifa’s interest in music developed from a very young age, listening to musical legends such as Earth Wind and Fire, Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin. Growing up with her stepfather, Sampalue, the reggae producer who assisted in the building of several music careers like Lady Saw, gave her a deep-rooted love for dancehall music. While attending Wolmers Preparatory, Tifa was actively involved in the School Choir, Drama Club and Wolmers Dance Troupe. As recognition for her choreography talents grew, so did her passion for singing and songwriting.

In early 2005, she decided to put her music first, recording on her stepfather's record label Diamond Rush Records. She also collaborated with a number of his artists as well as others and sang backup for a short while. Tifa has since teamed with most producers in the Jamaica music fraternity. Tifa has been working really hard in the studio to produce highly talked about singles such as "Kitty Police" for TJ Records on the Show off Riddim. More recently, she has had great success with her single "Crawny Gal" on the Dem Gal Sitt'n Riddim, produced by Ward 21, the compilation cd was released to rave reviews in Japan where it was released and worldwide; "Bottom of the Barrel", and most recently, the critically acclaimed “Spell it Out,” a hard-hitting dancehall single, also produced by Ward 21; “Tick it Like a Clock” on Stephen McGregor’s Boasty Riddim; and “God Blessed,” produced by Equiknoxx Music, which is a dancehall ballad revealing Tifa’s versatility not only as a DJ but also as a singer. Tifa has also released the joint effort mix CD entitled “TNT – 3 The Hard Way” with labelmates Natalie Storm and Timber-Lee Heaven, produced by New York ‘s famed DJ Max Glazer and The Federation Sound, which was dubbed “the maddest mix CD ever.”
In 2008, Tifa did an extensive tour of Europe with her labelmates and mentors Ward 21, which was very successful, from which she became the first female reggae/dancehall artist to perform in the Czech Republic. At the present time, Tifa has been busy spreading her infectious rhymes and captivating performances in the Caribbean and North America. Tifa presently is working on her first and upcoming album entitled "Sex, Love & Lies," which hopefully will have an international release. With a strong and experienced management team behind her, headed by Otis Davis, with assistance from Ward 21 and Naomi Garrick, Tifa is set to make her way to the top.

Bottom of the Barrel
Ward 21 Productions
Dir. Dexter 3D Pottinger
Part 1:Tifa, Timberlee, Stacious, Natalie Storm, D'Angel,
Part 2: Cecile, Ms. Thing, Macka Diamond, and Spice.
Ward 21 Productions
Dir. Dexter 3D Pottinger


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