Rumours: Mavado Vs. Foota Hype

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rumours surfaced on the streets and on the Internet that Mavado and Foota Hype came to blows in Cassava Piece recently, and as a result a man was killed in the area. One popular entertainment website reported, "the two big man dem ah Cassava Piece (Mavado and Foota Hype) kick off and one punch the other inna him mouth, and den the bad man dem get involved. One of the big man dem bad man friend shot the other big man bodyguard inna him shoulder and foot part, and then the police call fi help and him police friend dem run in and corral the man and kill him and tek a Glock pistol off his body."

Circulating rumours

However, a perplexed Foota Hype yesterday he denied the reports and seemed surprised that rumours of a feud were circulating. He said, "that's an illusion, nutten like dat neva happen. There was some incident with the police and a civilian, but nuting wid Mavado and Foota Hype." The selector said everything was good between himself and the singjay.

The St Andrew North police reported that one of two men who reportedly shot and injured a policeman as he walked along the 'Gully Bank' at Cassava Piece, St Andrew, was fatally shot and an illegal firearm seized. The dead man has only been identified as 'Pedro' of Cassava Piece. Source 


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