Mischu Laikah's set to release new album

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reggae history will be highlighted as Mischu Laikah releases her increasingly popular reggae lovers rock number, ‘Things You Do’ produced by Jamaica's very own Earl Smith of Home Grown Music days before her 25 birthday. For the Past year the European based Caribbean artist has been busy fine tuning her debut album which is set to be released in the summer of 2009. The album is a kaleidoscope of musical themes and rhythms complemented with featuring’s from respected Jamaican reggae artists and Producers. The high quality of the album and caliber of artists featuring on the album is expected to compliment Mischu Laikah’s goal to promote the Caribbean and its unique musical art form through out Europe and beyond.

"Things You Do" will be on Mischu Laikah's album "Life. Music. Love" but the decision was taken to release the track as a digital single catering to an overwhelming response from fans who were just too excited to wait until summer to have Mischu Laikah on their stereos. The track itself is an up tempo love ballad infused with an infectious reggae beat and baseline. The lyrics of the song paint a colorful picture of a girl deeply in love with her guy, and all the thoughts and emotions that run through her, while the guy remains clueless to the fact and has no idea of the  "Things he does to his girl". The reaction thus far suggests this one will be wildly popular among the ladies, but Mischu Laikah is sure the guys will take a liking to it also.

The digital release of "Things You Do" will be made available on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital download media outlets. As a special iTunes treat, Mischu Laikah recently went back in the studio to record an acoustic ballad of “Things You Do”. This version is layered with a beautiful guitar riff, sweet conga percussion and the sensual serenade of the Violin.
Tour plans will be announced shortly as Mischu Laikah continues her drive into 2009 to spread her mystical version of Alternative -Reggae far beyond the shores of her sunny Caribbean home.
Swedish media distribution company Mubito has formed an alliance with Stonerich Management and will be getting ready to launch Mischu Laikah’s official interactive webpage www.mischulaikah.com

April 11th Mischu Laikah will be celebrating her 25th Birthday and her Single Release @ Club Xi (Rotterdam, Netherlands). This event will be a Celebrity style private party for invited guest only with some of the hottest DJ out of Holland.
On that evening Mischu Laikah will be performing with her Band for the first time in the Netherlands some of her known and never before heard tracks off of her upcoming Album. It will be documented as a night you could never forget!

The link below is a complete package fill with NEW promo full size Pictures, Music, and Mischu Laikah’s 2009 Bio.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/i2bjvzjmygz/Mischu Laikah  Promo Package (2009).ip


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