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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Many soulful singers when asked where they got their start, will always respond, 'in church'. 
This also holds true for reggae artist Benton Grant, aka BG. 
Born in St Mary, Jamaica, BG recalls the facination he had for his father's 8-Track player. He grew up listening to the classics. Veteran artists such as Fats Domino, Nat King Cole, Brook Benton and various country and R&B artists. It was Brook Benton's timeless track 'Endlessly' that would become BG's favorite track and contributed to the passion BG has for music.
At age twelve, BG became a member of his neighborhood church, where he took advantage of every opportunity to showcase his musical skills. Not only was he a passionate singer, but BG was also a skilled musician who played the bass guitar and drums effortlessly. It didn't take long for his entire community to realize that this young man was indeed gifted. Led by his admiration for the great Bob Marley and Garnett Silk, the latter becoming his all time favorite singer, BG honed his craft and earned the respect of his elders and peers alike.
After migrating to New York city in 1989, BG continued to pursue his musical career and recorded tracks for various producers.
The singles 'Faith & Pray' featuring Haph and Danjah Q, as well as 'Senorita' and 'Overcome' are all enjoying attention from the radio disc jocks and numerous requests from listeners. The video for 'Faith & Pray', can be seen online or on your local television station, while the video for 'Senorita' is now in the editing stages. BG's passion for music is unmatched and he will tell you in a heartbeat that GOD is kept first in his life always. He composes all his songs and loves to showcase his versatility as an artist.
Recently signed to Til Shilo Promotions management and publicity, BG knows that for him, the sky is the limit. With hardwork, discipline and dedication, this artist intends to go as far as his talents will take him, knowing that the only limits are the ones we set for ourselves. Watch : 


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