DASECA: Raine Seville

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'Into each life some rain must fall', such is the music of upcoming singer/songwriter Raine Seville who continues to flood the industry with her unique sound.

Months after launching into the music business the fledging singer is building her reputation as a spunky and diverse artiste who is hitting the industry hard. The first lady of the talented DASECA camp has been heating up local television stations with her video for Belly Wine, which was produced by Chimney Records and directed by Scorpio 21. With talk of a possible International cross over for the song since its premiere on the Entertainment Report (ER) in March, thus far Belly Wine has positioned itself at #4 on CVM's 'Hitlist' and #2 on Hype TV's 'VTX Video Countdown' and promises to rise farther.

The song continues to do well on the airwaves as well as her single Slippery When Wet which was produced by Leftside of KeepLeft Records. Fans can also continue to expect more great videos in May with the release of the Slippery When Wet video which will also be directed by Scorpio 21. Not willing to disclose much about the shoot, Raine said to expect the particular brand of sex appeal that has brought her to the top. Also out currently is her single the emotionally powerful Really Over produced by newcomers I'm Loud Records. Raine explained her inspiration for the song saying, "I was listening to some heartbreak songs at the time and also the rhythm itself influenced the feel of the song. The song speaks of a girl who misses her ex-boyfriend and wonders if the possibilities lies of them working things out as she sees him as her significant other, the only one to make her whole." A video for the track will also be filmed in May by director Elloy with a new unique concept that captures the experience of the song. Raine recently wowed students on the recently concluded Coca Cola High School tour which saw her visiting schools such as Jamaica College, Clarendon College, Clancarthy High and others. Her first tour of any kind Raine as well as the students found it to be an unforgettable experience saying, "it was scary and wonderful at the same time and definitely a learning experience- I looked on it as my rehearsal ground for bigger performances and shows to come.

The reception from every school has been amazing, some students already knew me singing along to the songs when I performed. There were some students that were just getting to know me which I was thankful for as I was given the opportunity to increase my fan base. My mostmemorable moment was when one of the students at Exced cried when she saw me and told me I'm her favorite female dancehall artiste and she plans to get a tattoo exactly like and if I didn't mind. I really didn't know I already had that effect on people. Youngsters were asking my advice and while I believe I have a lot to learn onlookers see me already as an influential figure."

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Click here to view the 'Belly Dance' video


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