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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Immediately following an exchange with Andre Prince Carruthers, aka Agent, one thing becomes crystal clear; this entertainer is a believer, not only in himself, but also in the greatness of others around him.

Blessed with an astuteness beyond his years, Agent is convinced that he has an important message to pass on to the masses. It is one which educates, uplifts and stimulates. "The message is that, as a people, we are far greater than we tend to realize – musically, intellectually and spiritually. I feel that if we do not realize and accept this soon, a great deal will be lost. (As if we need to lose anything else?" he quizzes.

With a burning passion raging within his soul, it is hardly surprising that the Agent's chosen career path involves a microphone and a stage, both of which he uses to preach and teach his message. This he does by slicing through the façade and the hype that is embodied in the dancehall to reveal the core. This can be sometimes hard and harsh, sometimes soft and subtle.

Born in Jamaica's old capital, Spanish Town, Agent also lived in Bull Bay , St. Andrew. Presently he resides in the US. A past student of Meadowbrook High School and Mt Vernon High in New York, the artiste describes himself as a student of life and values his "street learning" above all. It was while at Meadowbrook that he got involved in entertainment, by performing at school fetes. Agent names an interesting array of entertainers including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin, Chopin, Tupac, Buju Banton Terror Fabulous and Bounty Killer as persons whose style, lyrics and musical creativity he admires.

Although Agent proclaims that he has" the typical dancehall mental familiar to all", his music is much more than that. He has demonstrated his versatility with bouncy dancehall on tracks like 'Shake That Thing' and 'Shaka Laka', (his first song to climb the reggae charts), as well as the more conscious 'Bad Story'. His latest releases burning up the airwaves however, are 'Push On Thru' and 'Heal Them'. Both tracks deal with social commentary and tends to be a source of encouragement and upliftment for the listener.

In 2009, Agent and his management team 'Running Rebel', are forging full speed ahead with fierce determination. This 'agent of Jah' has a message that's worth hearing, and no one will stop the delivery. With appearances across the US from New York to Texas, as well as saturating the airwaves from Jamaica to Europe with Agent's 'message music', 'Running Rebel' seem to definitely hold the key to Agent being a success.

With the release of his debut album (not yet titled) on the horizon, Agent and his team has recently adopted the studio as their 'second home'. With a catalogue as diverse as Agent's, one can be certain the album will have something for everyone to relate to. Something for everyone to enjoy. While putting the finishing touches on the album, Agent continues to inspire the 'youths' with the messages in his interviews and performances.

'The children need guidance', and Agent considers this an integral part of his responsiblity to the universe. 'Being an artist means accepting the 'role model' label placed on you'. Agent accepts this and steps up to the plate willingly. 'Fi di youth dem'. This young artiste recognizes that within him lies the potential to take reggae music higher than the expectations of many and he has the inspiration, guidance and determination to do just that.


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