Vybz Kartel and Spice Romping Again

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vybz Kartel and Spice have come up with a new version of Rampin Shop that is receiving much airplay in broad daylight. Like the original, this version is all about sexual intercourse - or to use the current dancehall slang, "daggerin". The main difference between the two is the metaphors that are used for the act.

In the "x-rated" version of Rampin Shop, Vybz and Spice brazenly use the common slang words for the private parts and the sex act, instead of the formal Latin/English names. So for penis, Kartel substitutes a popular metaphor: the male domestic fowl, as in cock-a-doodle-do. And the vagina becomes a domestic pet, the pussycat. Sexual intercourse is enacted as a playful romp.

In the revised version, Spice invitingly says to Kartel:

Well yu ha fi rev it hard
Drive it full speed and crash it if you like
Da gear stick ya feel rough
Put di car inna di garage
Drive in front way or back it up
Til di headlight show

Some listeners will claim that these lyrics are "cleaner" than the original since Vybz and Spice are pretending to be talking about driving rather than sex. The lyrics are "suggestive" rather than sexually explicit. But even without knowing the original lyrics, it is quite clear what the version is supposed to suggest. The gear stick is obviously meant to be a penis. The stick then swells the full length of a car. The garage is the vagina in which the car is parked.

Vybz and Spice are clearly taking the Broadcasting Commission for a ride. For there is, essentially, no difference in the meaning of the two versions of Rampin Shop. Both sets of metaphors are sexual allusions and it is nothing but hypocrisy to pretend otherwise. Whether gear stick or male domestic fowl, the literal object is identical - the penis. And the vagina, whether as pussycat or garage, serves the same purring function. Read more


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