Timberlee's Fun New Video for "Heels" is a Hit

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Timberlee, dancehall's stunningly beautiful star, has further cemented her position in the industry with her fun and colorful new video for the single "Heels."

"Heels," Timberlee's ode to fine footwear with a valley girl twist, has been bringing out the extra femme side of dancehall divas for months now. The "Heels" video, which was released just a week ago before raving fans and members of the media in Kingston, has made its way to video outlets. Scoring with viewers, the bubbly and humorous "Heels" video injects a much needed lightness to the often-heavy dancehall music.

Directed by Dexter Pottinger, this new video will certainly make its way up the charts. Pottinger skillfully captures Timberlee's femme fatale aura, while staying true to the song's materialistic premise. "I already felt that 'Heels' had a unique place in the dancehall arena...so, the video had to stand apart from the rest," says an excited Timberlee. "I am thrilled that my fans dig 'Heels'...it makes everything well worthwhile."

The "Heels" video couldn't have been released at a better time, as the hit song is spawning a craze through out the dancehalls. Whenever the song drops, the divas "shock-out" in their stilettos. And the dons have no problem watching the entertainment go down. The song, produced by Leftside, is no doubt a 2009 female anthem. The "Heels" single has experienced great international success, while still gaining momentum in Jamaica.

"I am very excited about Timberlee's 'Heels' video," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, Inc., Timberlee's manager. "Easily, I can see 'Heels' becoming a female ringtone hit of 2009...bear in mind that 'Bubble Like Soup' already had notable ringtone success."

"Heels" is not the only hotness surrounding Timberlee. The song "Backdoor Delivery" is thriving. Recognized by all for a clever play on words, the Ward 21 penned "Backdoor Delivery" has proven to be suitable for most radio stations. Because of the fan response to "Backdoor Delivery," a video is in the works. Timberlee is also causing havok with "Gangsta Style," a fiery duet with the warlord Bounty Killer.

Timberlee is prepping for appearances on a college tour, among other international performances. Additionally, Timberlee has plans to take part in community activities this spring, as she is dedicated to inspiring and motivating the youth. Watch video DancehallSoca.TV


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