Monday, March 30, 2009

Stevie Culture was born in Kingston, Jamaica to Rastafarian parents in the 1970's. His father was a musician who plays the guitar and sings. He began his career one night, in 1983, at a Dancehall party. Somebody handed him a microphone, and in a moment of inspiration, he made up a brand new song, right there on the spot. Stevie immediately realized that he loved singing—and that he was good at it, too. Singing became his lifelong passion, and as Stevie puts it, “Ever since I picked up the microphone that night, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”As the lead singer for The S.A.N.E. Band (Jamaica's top band during the 1990s) Stevie Culture had performed as the opening act for many Reggae artists such as: Shaggy, Anthony B, Sizzla, Third World, UB40, Steel Pulse, Culture, Burning Spear, The Wailers and Alton Ellis.
More impressively, Stevie has performed on stage as a backing vocalist for many great artists like Dennis Brown, Tony Rebel, Everton Blender, Capleton and the late, great Garnet Silk. In addition to performing on stage, Stevie Culture is a prominent record producer in Negril, Jamaica. His company, Soundbird Productions, is currently producing upcoming stars like Phee Phee, Crystal Axe and Steve Aliba.Stevie has always carried with him a positive message. When asked what one thing he would tell his fans, he responded in a heartbeat: “Hol' a joy! (stay positive).” “Don’t let the problem rule your life”, he says; “Don’t think of the problem. Think of the solution. Just be happy about what you’re doing.”The songs on Stevie's debut album; "Top Class" reflect this "Hol' a Joy” philosophy. Each of the fifteen tracks contains its own unique message. “Dat Ting Deh” is a warning about hardcore drugs and how they ruin people’s lives. The title track: “Top Class” is a message for women. It is a reminder that women can be “independent and do what they want” without apology. "Conscious Lyrics" is about keeping a positive message in Reggae Music. "Link Up" is an appeal to every nation to put aside their differences and just dance to Reggae Music.CLICK HERE TO LISTEN music available for download at : CD Baby


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