Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After years, our successful previous site (5-10,000 visitors monthly), has had a complete overhaul, pictured in this smart-image screen shot. It's more streamlined, and is designed to do is draw attention to the artists we have and currently represent. All deliver quality roots reggae in original and classic styles, old school and contemporary.

Dub Station has done a bunch of compilation work with different artists (on stage and in the studio), as well as spotlight albums with these acts: Shaka Black, Tom O'Brien, and Sonbeam. Abijah is also a primary featured artists, you can check Abijah on iTunes.

The site's gonna evolve as a flagship for our promotions - we're looking to do a Podcast featuring different DJ's - and perhaps a Radio station of our own. Sponsors & advertisers will be encouraged to get on board, as we hope to provide better and better service to you, our re-players and fans alike.



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