Dominican: Roberto Gell

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dominican-American Roberto Gell is a melting pot of US & Caribbean influences. He got his start in Hip Hop (and still works with the Libra Project), so his music has some different feels to it. Singing mostly in English, Gell sings in Spanish too. He's got a soft spot for SoCal on account of the large Latin population, some of whom are really enjoying Reggae (big up Quinto Sol). Last year, Roberto & I-Trinity toured Canada, highlighted by the Montreal International Reggae Fest (where they played with Midnite), and a jaunt into the US with the Jammin Fest.

Right now, Roberto's promoting his "Midnight Ravers" EP, to be released as a full-length CD this fall. It's got a wide swath of his style, with some punchy messages, expletives deleted, and some serious meditations.

Backing Winstrong AND Roberto Gell will be a combination band of up to 14 pieces, drawn from Dub Station (of the East Coast) and I-Trinity (of the West Coast).


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