Demarco Joins Solid Agency Camp

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancehall singjay Demarco is the latest artist to be welcomed into the Solid Agency Camp. Coming out of a meeting at the companies new office on Dumbarton Ave Demarco will now be booked exclusive through Solid who just last week sealed a similar deal with veteran reggae singer Luciano.

In an abbreviated statement from Solid's PR Department it was said "Demarco is definitely the type of artist we look forward to working, he brings a lot to the table as an artist and producer. We are anticipating a great working relationship with him and would like to encourage promoters local and foreign to contact us".

Demarco who is no stranger to making hits says he is currently promoting his brand new single "I Need A Roof" which is currently enjoying some favorable radio rotation. "Right now thats the song I am pushing, both radio and the online community has been embracing it to the fullest". The single which is feature on his Starkutt Record Label is amongst a host of songs Demarco has introduced since the start of the new year. Other singles like "Over & Over" ft. Tarrus Riley, "Sprinkle The Place" ft. Ding Dong and "Head Shot" has been keeping the crossover lyricist in the industry spotlight.


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