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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ladies Are Recording Themselves Dancing To The New "Pole Technician"

"Pole Technician" Download Link:

Miami, Florida: Popular social networking website Facebook on Thursday February 27, 2009 removed one out of which are many uploaded videos of females slow whinin to a song by the name of "Pole Technician" which is performed by Jamaican "Yard Soul" artiste CAMAR, produced by himself and JAM 2. Apparently, the song was leaked onto the internet on February 25, 2009 and females have started to record themselves dancing to it and uploaded it to share and compete amongst other females to see who is the best "Pole Technician" dancer.

The removal of one of the videos by Facebook has not stopped females from recording themselves dancing. Some 'Pole Technicians' have turned to Youtube to upload their videos to share and compete. This is indeed turning out to be a global battle as females from Florida, New Jersey, New York, London and Kingston, Jamaica are dancing to 'Pole Technician'.

So is 'Pole Technician' the new phenomenon that is sweeping through and captivating the ladies? The way things are going right now, it would surely seem that way and we will just have to wait and see how far it will go. A search on Youtube for 'Pole Technician' will give some very interesting results of ladies dancing, those without a pole and some that improvised with their own pole.

The song was rated as a HOTTTTT new release on March 1, 2009 on an independent website: So from the look of things, this record "Pole Technician" is definitely a favourite with the ladies, a possible hit?

Artiste Name: CAMAR (Jamaican Yard Soul Artiste)
Label: SLIP 'N SLIDE Records
Produced by: CAMAR & JAM 2 Productions
Mixing Engineer: EDGE (Slip 'N Slide Records Chief Engineer)
Rum Time: 3:56
Contact: Brian Hugh
Number: (876) 355-9819
Other CAMAR Downloads:
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