Bruk up debut new single

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bruck Up has always been known for the dynamic dance moves he featured in many music videos, but little do they know, his skill as an artist is mindblowing.

Hot off the press, the debut single from new recording artist "Bruck Up" is here!

The single is called...I wear my sunglasses at night! Due to the overwhelming response, our contact info has changed.

If you have not yet received the info, send us an e-mail & we will take care of it right away. Your participation in the promotion of this project is greatly appreciated.

Utube slide show

Link to myspace music player Sunglasses

Bruck Up cameo in new video Arab Money with Busta Rhymes, P-Diddy,Swiss Beatz, Akon, Lil Wayne. Arab-Money-Remix-Video

L3 Magazine Article on Bruck Up a.k.a Mr. Excitement


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